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Ancient Atomism & The Evolution of Truth

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Truth changes as it evolves. The more we study the way the universe works, the more answers we find to life’s ultimate questions. What may seem like a ridiculous or crazy idea today, could be considered a law of science … Read More

Axiomatic Synchronicity

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Synchronicity has become almost axiomatic in mainstream society. More and more people experience these “meaningful coincidences”, as Carl Jung (1875-1961) initially described it . For him, synchronicity was “the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that … Read More

The Modern Ionian Movement

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What is a lucky coincidence? Thales is known as the first person to ever predict a solar eclipse (585 BC); nevertheless, many believe this to simply have been a lucky guess. Truth is, only he knew the answer.  Ionian science … Read More

Upgrading Our Revolution

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The best anarchists don’t take sides. They reject the system.   The political circus is on fire. We have politicians conducting huge performances in order to entertain those who still believe in authority. Moreover, now, due to the circumstances, we … Read More

The Magicks of Complexity

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“Magick is nature unimpeded” ~ Oversoul 7, by Jane Roberts.    We must simplify the complex in order to understand it. This is why equations are so sacred. They hold infinite amounts of data in a few digits. After, all, … Read More

Disambiguation & Retrocausality

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Cause and effect.     A principle that is omnipresent in the universe. Electromagnetic ripples are always occurring around us. In the quantum field, each ripple is cause of whatever occurs next, and the effect of whatever originated it. Every … Read More

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