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Lien Vøid – Steppenwolf (Fag Ash Records, 2016)

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  Lien Vøid – Steppenwolf (Fag Ash Records, 2016) Free Download: Lien VΦD is experimental psychedelic artist, transgender noise shaman. It’s all about atmospheric, đàn môi, ethnic, experimental, field recording, industrial, jaw harp, noise, psychedelic, ritual, schizophrenic, shaman, transgender, tribal… … Read More

The Psychic Revolution of the Indigo

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You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us – John Lennon   “Psychic powers are powers that cannot be explained by the laws of the physical universe alone. These include … Read More

Human Design: An Introduction to Electromagnetics

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“The obvious instant connection when you meet someone is when the sparks fly. This comes about when one person has a gate turned on at one side of a channel and the other person has the gate turned on at … Read More

Evolutionary Biology: Hack Your DNA Genome

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Without an interest in matters biological and genetic, it is difficult to comprehend divine encoded DNA.   As the book Genome by Matt Ridley, states: “The human genome – the complete set of human genes– comes packaged in 23 separate … Read More

Harmony: Life Through The 11th Gate

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In human design, the 11th gate, also known as the gate of harmony is that which brings us much creativity and aspirations.   The 11th gate is powerful because it is linked to the global, social scene. It is involved … Read More

The Cognitive Revolution: Trial and Error

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There is much logic in the illogical.    Humans, we are mentally amorphous (without shape or form). We change every second, with every breath we take. What is identity? For me, personally, it is the name I was given; however, … Read More

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