The Wealthy Trap of The World

Trying to acquire wealth to invest in spiritual warfare is like killing to end violence. The system needs to become free and adjust to humanity, not the other way round. 


The best way to combat greedy elitists nowadays is by ignoring their products, their books, their TV shows, their every matter. Because the ones sitting at the top will happily sponsor every side of the war, as done in World War II. They create and market the very weapons both: spiritual activists and corporations, use to battle each other. They profit from the very books, crystals, plants and herbs people BUY  to enlighten themselves.

Indeed, the best way to fight the system is to create independent resources, build own materials and to realise that spiritual warriors are precisely anti-matter. To be raw in art. The human mind should not strive to educate itself based on what the system provides, distorts and repeats; for the system only wants to keep the material power it has. It is the only thing they have against humanity and spirit. Matter, money and gold are their weapon. Moreover, everything nowadays becomes a trend, and once a trend is established, the highest elitists profit from it, causing the consumer cycle/structure to be reinforced.

Humanity should strive towards self-sufficiency and freedom. Millionaires will happily invest in both: war and anti-war activism. They happily invest in both: Business and charity. Yes, they invest in religion, spirituality and science. They invest in all, precisely because nowadays, all is profit. And now they want us to believe that the best way to fight the system is by investing in a good cause and by acquiring wealth. Let me tell you that this is another technique used to socially manipulate those who are awakening and starting to see that in reality: Money is the root of evil.

Most of us by now have heard the very surnames of the wealthiest families in the world. No amount of money we acquire will be enough to battle their banks. They OWN money. They own every coin and every note. The only way to take their power away, is by eradicating capitalism and consumerism.

Spirituality is about connecting within. The more we buy “spiritual” material, or invest in business, the more we are betraying our very cause and purpose. Rebellion of spirit is to see this and realise that even though there are problems, such as poverty, money will only increase it, not decrease it.  We are here to support the spirit, not business. After all, there are hundreds of upper-class millionaires who have been investing in peace and change; yet, the consumer system of the world remains and life is becoming more expensive.

The ideal turn of events would be for us all to become poor, self-sufficient and spiritually active in creativity. The system needs to adjust to the people and their needs, not the opposite. It would be wonderful to live in a world where services and help was exchanged, not sold. Where children were protected by all. Where the creation of matter did not include the exchange of gold, for all the gold of the world belongs to the greedy families who do not care about this world, its wars, its evolution, its anything. All they care about is their banks, and they own them all.

To fall into their trap is to actually sell your soul to them. Communities can be built out of good intentions. Those who are hungry can be fed by creating and building more farms of self-sufficiency. By providing them with land and by promoting life outside urban civilization. So yes, to use what we have right now, to build a system where money is not needed.

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Betshy X0

I art, therefore I exist. Spiritual. Anti-system. Quantum minded. Sensually open. Zeitgeist. Pro madness. Writing is my ritual. I often share my notes and thoughts regarding the subjects I am currently studying. The universe is full of wonder. I believe as a society we must unite in enlightenment; in order to battle the ignorance of the established system, which is limited.

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