[msot.012] Agitation Φ & Lien VΦD – Alienist Escape

[msot.012] Agitation Φ & Lien VΦD - Alienist Escape


[msot.012] Agitation Φ & Lien VΦD – Alienist Escape

Label: Moon Sounds Of Tao ‎– [msot.012]
Format: 2 × File, FLAC, Album
Country: Austria
Released: 14 Jul 2016
Style: Electro, Glitch, Drum n Bass, Experimental, Ambient

alienist escape

1. gnostic freedom
2. quantum heart

Free Download: https://moon-sounds-of-tao.bandcamp.com/album/alienist-escape

…from spiritual bondage to new aeonic supra mentality… with musick…

to experience thee we, be cynic about yourself
abandon the rituals of the old gods to perform your own.
all spells included engage psychic exploration, self determination
and corruption of those existent norms.
pleasure is holy, we live in a kingdom of inverness.

a live space analog / digital ritual captured on sunday, 10th by lien & agitation
happy 26! which is double 13, which is considered unholy and inverted by us to be holy!
invert with joy, banish with laughter, destroy capitalist sorcery
astarte 23, art!

Astarte 23: www.facebook.com/astarte23art/
Agitation Φ: https://agitationphi.bandcamp.com/
Lien VΦD: https://lien-void.bandcamp.com/


What is Your Opinion?

Lien Vøid

"Experimental music maker, traveler and psychedelic transgender artist Lien VΦD is back with a very interesting album that from its beginning will take every listener who visits it, away into an organic experimental trance. It begins with a strange rhythmic path that is making me feel like a bouncing rubber ball, bouncing from side to side while a mouth harp compliments each bounce. An impressive bell-sound also joins the session, making it a experience that transforms into something that is sounding very spiritual." - Kai Nobuko AKA Toxic Chicken, from review on Vøid's Thee Buddha (Moon Sounds Of Tao, 2016)

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