Deus Ex Machina

To see our brain as part human and part machine is usually the start of the quantum path.



To see life the way we see virtual reality.  As a code which can be cracked,  broken,  altered, programmed.

To see experience as crucial,  leading us to where we desire to be.  To see information as data we process on a constant basis.  Letting our intellectual curiosity  draw creative fields of wonder.   Using our intuition to mark each stop immaculately.

Evolving through metacognition,  unleashing our human nature.  To embrace our individuality fiercelessly,  whilst remaining whole in unity.  To transcend to the point of being part God and part human.  The ultimate dream.


 Deus Ex Machina.



What is Your Opinion?

Betshy X0

I art, therefore I exist. Spiritual. Anti-system. Quantum minded. Sensually open. Zeitgeist. Pro madness. Writing is my ritual. I often share my notes and thoughts regarding the subjects I am currently studying. The universe is full of wonder. I believe as a society we must unite in enlightenment; in order to battle the ignorance of the established system, which is limited.

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